European Mobility Week 16th – 22nd September 2018 

Sunday 16th September sees the launch of European Mobility Week, a flagship campaign for Mobility and Transport, taking place in several locations nationwide from 16th to 22nd of September.  

This year European Mobility Week is focusing on ‘multimodality’ - the mixing of transport modes within the same journey or for different trips, under the theme ‘Multimodality - Mix and Move’.  Almost 2,000 towns and Local Authorities from Europe and beyond have already registered for EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK and are organising events to encourage residents to try out alternatives to traditional means of transport and to mix their transport modes which generally culminates in a Car-Free Day.  Speaking on European Mobility Week, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross, TD said:  

 “This year’s theme of “multimodality” - mixing different ways of getting from A to B - is a great opportunity for all of us to think about our daily transport habits. Are there any changes we could make? Can we cycle to the train station? Could we walk instead of drive? 
When I launched my part of the government’s Project Ireland 2040 -‘Linking people and places’, I announced investment of €8.6 billion specifically for public transport. From Metrolink to BusConnects, Luas Expansion to Greenways, we are laying the groundwork for an integrated, diverse, transport future. Our aim is to link more people to more places, while improving quality of life, easing congestion in our cities and doing our part in delivering a low carbon society.  

European Mobility Week encourages communities to experience different modes of transport for their daily journeys and experience the benefits of smarter, sustainable transport, whether it’s the Rebel Pedal Cycle in Cork, Car Free Day in Dundalk or the Driverless Bus Trial in Dublin or any of the numerous events nationwide organised by the NTA and Local Authorities.”  
This year, under European Mobility Week’s theme of ‘Mix and Move, people are being encouraged to perhaps cycle to the gym to get a head start on burning calories, bring their bikes on the train to beat the traffic, or take the bus and then stroll to the shops to avoid parking fees!  Many of us instinctively opt for the same method of transport when moving around without necessarily examining the needs of the specific journey and the choices available.  

As well as providing health benefits and easing urban congestion, significant savings can be achieved through a multimodal approach, particularly when short journeys are completed through walking and cycling. 

European Mobility Week runs from September 16th to 22nd.



Notes to the Editor 
Since 2002, European Mobility Week has sought to improve public health and quality of life through promoting clean mobility and sustainable urban transport. The campaign gives people the chance to explore the role of urban streets and to experiment with practical solutions to tackle challenges, such as congestion and air pollution. 

By taking part, towns and cities can showcase the benefits of cleaner transport choices and make progress towards better mobility in Europe.  Local authorities are strongly encouraged to use the week to test new transport measures and get feedback from the public. It is also an excellent opportunity for local stakeholders to get together and discuss the different aspects of mobility and air quality, find innovative solutions to reduce car-use and transport emissions, and test new technologies and planning measures. 

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